The Top 3 SEO Trends Small Businesses Need to Know for 2023

The Top 3 SEO Trends Small Businesses Need to Know for 2023

2023 is here, and I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring to the SEO sector. 2022 was a year loaded with changes in the SEO sector, whether it was algorithm adjustments or content upgrades, and I expect 2023 to be another dynamic year for the SEO scene.

Here are the top three SEO trends for small companies in 2023.

1. Backlinks will continue to be an important ranking component.

A backlink is a connection that connects one website to another. For instance, if site A links to site B in a blog post, the connection is seen as a backlink for site B. Because backlinks are a vote of confidence for a website, the number of good backlinks it gets will continue to be an important part of SEO for the foreseeable future. When several websites connect to website A, the backlinks indicate that website A is a reputable source of information, which is why other websites link to it. Google will recognise that website A is an important and trustworthy website and that it should be positioned higher in search results so that searchers may discover it more quickly and visit it to get the information that they need.

There are many strategies that a company may use to get backlinks. Here are several examples:

  • featured in the media. If your organisation has done something fantastic or remarkable, you may approach a media outlet for a feature that includes a link to your website. For example, if your Vancouver gift shop has earned more than a specific amount of money for a Christmas drive for a local charity, you can contact your local newspaper and ask them to publicise the success in an online news piece with a link to your company's website.
  • Chamber of business in the area. If you join your local chamber of commerce, you can put the website for your business in the business directory. This allows your company to get a backlink. For example, if you run a daycare in Richmond, you may obtain a backlink from the directory by joining your local Richmond chamber of commerce.
  • Make your website's content valuable. You could post statistics or insights about your industry on your website that other sites will want to link to and use. This method is a natural technique to get backlinks. If you're a Google Ads Vancouver consultant or a Google Analytics consultant, for example, you may post blogs about the Google Ads area or Google Analytics trends so that other websites can connect to your blogs.

2. Google will have further indexing issues.

Google said in July 2022 that it was having trouble indexing new content and showing it in Google Search and Google News. "[T]here's an ongoing problem with indexing in Google Search that's impacting a large number of sites," Google said in a tweet. Indexing of websites may be delayed. We're trying to figure out what's causing the problem. The next update will be in 12 hours.

This difficulty, I feel, will return in 2023 and beyond since there are just too many websites currently. Even though Google is a powerful computer, it has limits, and it will be very difficult for Google to keep up with all of the new sites published every day. To improve your chances of having your new websites indexed by Google, submit your website's XML sitemap or the URLs of your new pages to Google Search Console's URL inspection and request that Google crawl them.

3. Google will release other algorithm updates.

Between August 2022 and December 2022, Google made a lot of changes to its algorithms. These changes were made so that search results would show more high-quality content and less spam. Some websites reported a gain in search rankings, while others saw a decrease in search rankings. It's tough to determine precisely what Google has altered in these algorithm updates and which elements it weighs more or less heavily when calculating website search results. The only approaches that businesses can take to try to mitigate the negative impact of these algorithm updates in 2023 and beyond (Google will most likely roll out algorithm updates in 2023) are to create valuable content with relevant keywords and earn quality backlinks so that your website is informative, useful, and credible in Google's eyes. This increases your chances of remaining unaffected or perhaps improving your search rankings through forthcoming algorithm upgrades.

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