4 Steps to Starting an Online Business or Side Hustle

4 Steps to Starting an Online Business or Side Hustle

1. Identify Your Niche

People are believed to seek a product first and a market second. Look for a market first to maximize your chances of success!

You probably already have a "foolproof" concept for the company you want to establish. It was a clothes dropshipping website for me. All of the designs on my e-commerce business were acquired from a Chinese provider who would ship directly to my clients. Do you know how many sales I made in a six-month period?

That's correct, two. Despite employing influencers and running advertisements,

Nobody warned me that apparel was such an oversaturated market that standing out was almost impossible. Within a year, the behemoth fast fashion shop SHEIN had monopolized the whole market.

Lesson: Always identify your market before developing your product.

2. Create your website

Your website serves as the foundation for a visitor's initial impression of your brand. It must be welcoming, tidy, and contemporary.

Maintain a basic design (no more than two typefaces), with one accent color and one complimentary color, as well as neutral blacks, grays, and background colors.

design for mobile devices. Because smartphones account for 80% of all online traffic, your user experience (UX) for these consumers must be excellent.

The importance of speed cannot be overstated. Make sure your photographs are compressed and take up the least amount of space feasible. Furthermore, ensure that your picture files are supplied in contemporary web-friendly formats such as WebP.

Remove any unneeded plugins and junk from your backend that are increasing loading time.

There are several aspects involved in the preceding phase, and given the importance of your website to your company and the cheap rates available today, I suggest hiring a professional web designer.

But if you want to try it on your own, my preferred platform is WordPress.

3. Drive Visitors to Your New Website

Now comes the difficult part: getting recognized online.

The days of just writing a badly written 1,000-word blog article and stuffing it with your target keywords are long gone. Google's algorithm sees straight through these types of phony SEO tricks and will punish you for them.

A modern website should now prioritize relevancy and usability. In other words, publish high-quality material that does not attempt to entice readers to visit your website or blog. It should be helpful, informative, and brief. Include no advertisements or pop-ups. The user experience should be prioritized. If you accomplish this and your material is helpful and instructive, Google will reward you with visitors in due time.

Of course, creating a blog is the simplest and most cost-effective method to do this. Topics for blog articles should be connected to your area. If you're a wedding photographer, for example, a blog article titled "Tips for the Most Romantic Wedding Photos" or something like that might suffice.

Finally, incorporate as many photographs, movies, and infographics as you can. (You'll see I also added one on this page.) Most of us like to learn visually, and these features will keep people on your website for a longer period of time.

4. Consider website promotion and guest blogging

Starting a blog is an excellent first step toward increasing traffic to your website. However, increasing your domain authority is a time-consuming procedure.

New websites may profit substantially from Google AdWords advertising and getting high-quality backlinks via guest blogging.

Google's AdWords network is an excellent approach to begin driving relevant visitors to your website. This kind of advertising is useful when a prospective consumer already knows they want to make a purchase or learn more about your services.

For example, someone who is planning a wedding would likely perform a search for "wedding photographer in [place name]". This is an excellent term for Google search advertising. I suggest checking out Google's own "Digital Garage" free classes, particularly the "Fundamentals of Digital Marketing" lesson, for further information and useful advice on managing your campaigns. These lessons are completely free.

Building high-quality backlinks is also important for increasing traffic to your site. These backlinks from high-authority websites tell Google that your site is trustworthy and includes valuable and useful information.

Of course, if you provide valuable material, people will likely add links to your site on their own blogs or websites. However, if you want to speed up the process, seek out blogs that welcome guest posts or contributions. A Google search for "blogs that welcome guest posts" is a good place to start, and it will save you from cold-calling websites that aren't interested in more contributions.

Get Your Company Online!

There is certainly a lot more to beginning an online business or side hustle than these four stages, but they will provide you with a good foundation for discovering your right niche and developing an online presence.

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