9 Ingenious Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

9 Ingenious Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the degree to which a company's branding tool (name, slogan, logo, etc.) is recognized and appropriately linked with its specific service or product by prospective consumers.

Several techniques and methodologies may be used to assess a company's brand awareness level. SERPResults' white label reporting is one of them. This report will reveal how often the brand is searched online and what search keywords are most commonly used. It will also display the number of individuals looking for the brand as well as their objectives.

Meanwhile, here are nine innovative strategies to raise brand recognition.

Blogging as a guest

Guest blogging is an excellent strategy to increase business exposure. Aside from the exposure, it's also a terrific method to acquire reputation and increase visitors to your website. It may help you attract more followers and visits by establishing you as a thought leader and expert in a certain subject. Just make sure your postings are interesting, topical, and supported by facts.

Finding a suitable website to write for is the first step in guest blogging. This may be performed by visiting sites that allow guest posts and asking them for submission requirements. Before contributing, you should also read and understand the site's standards. It is critical that you not plagiarize what others have previously written on the subject.

Another critical stage is to assess the success of your guest blogging strategy. You can monitor the traffic generated by your guest articles using programs such as Google Analytics. You can observe how many people are visiting your guest blogs and which ones are not. It's also critical that you react to your readers' remarks. This will enable you to build a connection with your new audience while also assisting you in achieving your strategic objectives.

Guest blogging is an excellent approach to increasing brand exposure and traffic. When done correctly, it may be a low-cost method of increasing your exposure and reach. You may also utilize guest blogging to build ties with industry colleagues. It is also an excellent approach to increasing your domain authority, which is critical for establishing confidence.


Infographics are an excellent way to express a message and may increase the exposure of your business. However, they must be correctly developed. They should contain a call-to-action button in addition to a clean, simple design to increase interaction and generate traffic to your site. Furthermore, make sure that your infographic is easy to post on social media.

People are drawn to images, particularly if they are amusing and instructive.

Unlike simple text, infographics aid in the presentation of complicated information in an understandable manner. It grabs readers' attention and helps them assimilate information rapidly.

Websites and blogs may include infographics. As a result, they are an ideal Trojan horse for obtaining free and stress-free backlinks from authoritative websites.

Furthermore, the more the host material is shared, the more exposure your infographics will get, increasing the visibility of your brand and advertising your company's goods and services.

Infographics may be incredibly beneficial to companies of all sizes. They also assist your brand in standing out from the crowd by showcasing its competence and trustworthiness.



Podcasts are a low-cost communication tool that may help your company establish itself as an industry thought leader. Podcasting may help you improve brand recognition as long as your material is strong and your audience appreciates it.

Using audio samples in podcasts is a terrific approach to improving brand recognition. These small samples provide listeners with a taste of the episode's content and may be shared on social media. To make snippets, utilize a free recording program like Anchor. Podcast advertising is another technique to raise brand recognition via podcasts.

Podcasting also enables organizations to have a unique voice. It assists companies in establishing their character and personality, and the content may naturally assist them in meeting their sales objectives. Unlike conventional advertising, podcasting enables companies to interact with their audience on a more intimate level. This fosters loyalty, which translates into more income.

Brand Storytelling

It is critical to convey a brand narrative while developing a brand. Whether your brand is an entrepreneur's narrative, a collection of goal statements and history, or a mix of the two, telling a story about your brand is an important aspect of increasing brand recognition. This tale may be told in a variety of ways, including as a narrative. This tale might be a mash-up of your goal statement and your history.

Create value that extends beyond your product.

To leave a lasting impact on people, you must be able to provide value that goes beyond your service or product. It would be beneficial if you considered methods to amuse or educate people without seeming to be attempting to sell to them.

For example, if you operate a marketing firm, you may set up a Facebook group where company owners who want to start promoting their goods or services online can join to ask questions and receive beneficial, no-strings-attached responses. Sooner or later, such a group will develop into a huge proposal, full of individuals who value you and are more than eager to promote your business for free.

Make a contribution to your community.

You must not forget your offline consumer base while focusing on increasing brand exposure online. Participating in and organizing different events is one of the simplest methods to do this. You should also make corporate gifts, particularly with your branded merchandise, and encourage staff to participate in charitable activity.

The ultimate objective for local brand recognition is to sponsor a significant community event. In this manner, you may get more people talking about your company and familiarize them with your brand and emblem.

Provide a Freemium Plan

Offering a free version of your subscription plan is an excellent way to allow customers to try out your services without committing. It may help generate a lot of buzz in the proper areas, increasing brand exposure.

Importantly, while doing so, ensure that your brand emblems and name are strategically placed on the goods.

Run public awareness campaigns.

Most social networks now allow you to run advertising aimed at increasing brand recognition. You may simply take advantage of these possibilities to raise your level of awareness. These ads may be used to target certain groups of individuals based on gender, geography, race, education level, age, and other factors.

Programs for Referrals

Rewarding people for recommending your service or product to others is an excellent method to raise brand awareness.

When users know they will be compensated for spreading the word about your product or service, they will happily do so.

This will undoubtedly help raise brand recognition.

Following these strategies religiously will undoubtedly increase your brand's recognition. Combine as many methods as possible for the greatest results.

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