4 GA4 Metrics That Will Help You Understand Your Website Visitors

4 GA4 Metrics That Will Help You Understand Your Website Visitors

Google Analytics 4, the most recent version of Google Analytics, provides a variety of data that can be used to acquire insights about website visitors. For people who are unfamiliar with Google Analytics 4 or Google Analytics in general and who have not received sufficient GA4 consultation or training from a GA4 specialist, the large quantity of data may be intimidating. To assist you in swiftly adapting to GA4 and learning about your website's users, we have selected four metrics that are simple to implement.

1. Sessions

This key indicator displays the total number of sessions initiated on your website or application.

Despite the fact that the session-scope notion of Universal Analytics is unavailable in GA4, sessions remain one of the most important metrics in the reports.

In addition, the statistic itself has been much enhanced in contrast to UA, since new sessions are not created in GA4 if the same person arrives from a different traffic source or continues to browse your website at midnight. Therefore, GA4 should indicate a more accurate number of visits to your website. The GA4 sessions statistic is crucial for your in-depth study, as it allows you to evaluate how much traffic is produced and identify user behavior patterns. For instance, if you're a storage unit business in Burnaby that has been engaged in marketing to promote your facility, you may use GA4 sessions to determine the efficacy of your marketing efforts by observing the number of website sessions.

2. alterations

The GA4 conversions measure displays the number of times a user triggered a business-valued event on your website.

Conversion data is a crucial component of corporate performance reports.

By monitoring the primary behaviors of your users, you may determine the most effective methods for increasing your return on investment. For instance, if you're a Google Ads agency in Toronto or a music school in Richmond and you're running a lead generation campaign, you may use GA4 conversion statistics to determine the success of your lead generation efforts.

This measure indicates not just the degree of user involvement but also the usability of your website, the efficacy of your marketing initiatives, and established patterns in your consumers' behavior.

3. Engagement Rate

This is a new GA4 measure that enables you to determine how consumers engage with your content. A session is deemed active if any of the following requirements are met:


  • It lasted more than 10 seconds.
  • It generated at least 1 conversion event.
  • and it generated at least 2 page or screen views.

Without a doubt, the new GA4 counterpart of the UA bounce rate is more effective since it provides us with more information regarding genuine engagement with the page as opposed to people just leaving your site.

The following formula is used to compute the GA4 engagement rate: Engaged sessions are separated into sessions.

Engagement rate is a potent measure that provides insight into your user experience and how it may be enhanced.

Thus, you can determine if your material meets the expectations of your users.

4. Event Number

The GA4 event count indicates the number of times a certain event was triggered by your users.

Discovering the intricacies of your user journey can assist you in having a deeper understanding of your clients.

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