Using WhatsApp, how to Gather Sales Leads

Using WhatsApp, how to Gather Sales Leads

The most used messaging platform worldwide right now is WhatsApp. In fact, it is used by nearly two billion people each month.

This makes it a fantastic lead generating tool because there is a very good probability that your consumers use it on their smart devices and in their everyday lives.

And there is a lot of promise.

In this post, we'll examine the advantages of enhancing your lead generation approach with WhatsApp.

Let's get going.

Justification for Using WhatsApp to Generate Sales Leads

For a variety of reasons, WhatsApp is the best platform for lead generation in 2022. These are:

Easy to Use

Even if you've never used WhatsApp before, there won't be any lengthy onboarding required for you to utilize it for business.

WhatsApp was created with simplicity in mind. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and get started.

Designed with Businesses in Mind

The fact that WhatsApp was created with companies in mind, even if it is unquestionably used as a social service, is one of its strongest features.

In reality, the software allows you to set up a business account. It includes a variety of goods to help both big and small enterprises.

Businesses may utilize it to immediately reply to client inquiries (great for customer service). Additionally, they may offer films that show how their goods or services operate, as well as images of their most recent products.

How to Use WhatsApp to Gather Sales Leads

The lead generation strategies you employ on WhatsApp will be slightly different from those you utilize on other platforms. The objective is still to collect leads that can eventually become clients.

Get rid of bad leads.

Sorting out the wheat from the chaff is one of the main problems that organizations have with lead creation. In other words, it takes time to draw in quality leads while eliminating useless ones.

Because it can be utilized as a chatbot that answers client inquiries, WhatsApp is the ideal tool for this. They can lead a prospect to the appropriate level of the sales funnel, for instance, if they ask a top-of-the-funnel question.

With the aid of funnel phases, you are able to target prospects with the best marketing approach by matching it to where they are in the purchasing process.

Share narratives

Should companies share stories on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp's stories feature is highly popular (known as WhatsApp Status).

WhatsApp Status gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your followers by providing material they might find interesting. It was inspired by the Stories feature on SnapChat and Instagram. This can include new product introductions, product launches, and client endorsements.

Additionally, by using some potent social proof, you may captivate your fans by sharing user-generated content.

The wonderful thing about WhatsApp Status is that your followers may reply very quickly to your material, in addition to it grabbing their attention. Then you can answer their questions and point them in the right direction.

Better customer service is needed.

The fact that WhatsApp is continuously active is one of its finest features. This implies that a potential client or customer can ask a question at any moment and will immediately receive an answer.

This is great since, according to studies, clients nowadays want lightning-fast reaction times.

While WhatsApp may function just like a chatbot that offers first-rate customer service, customers may contact you over WhatsApp, and the app will handle the answers for you if they have questions about your items or whether you're giving any discounts.

This is wonderful for establishing connections and trust, but you can also use WhatsApp to move prospects through the sales process and closer to a conversion.

Benefit from consultative selling.

When you prioritize the customer-business connection, you are engaging in consultative selling. Making it more customized does this. Instead of just trying to sell them anything, you take the time to understand their issues and come up with a solution that meets their particular requirements.

You concentrate on the consumer rather than the product.

Email and phone are two common consultative selling platforms. But WhatsApp is a game-changer. Both sides may participate in real-time chats at any moment, and you can quickly and simply exchange photographs, videos, and any other documents you require.

Utilize WhatsApp to get the user's pertinent information. After that, invest time in developing your connection with them, get to know them, and offer them a fantastic brand experience that generates sales.

Naturally, this could necessitate a more intensive sales campaign. If you need to stretch your budget, looking into SaaS loans could be a possibility.

Include it in a campaign for agile marketing.

Agile marketing prioritizes data-driven decisions, allowing for speedier marketing processes and greater results. Predictability, quickness, and changeability are all improved.

An agile marketing team may be assembled to run experiments to determine what works and doesn't in your WhatsApp lead generating plan. Then you can take the data and quickly iterate to improve your conversion rates.


In a short period of time, WhatsApp became the third-most popular social networking platform globally. It's crucial that you begin to see its potential because people use it to interact with companies in addition to being sociable.

It's easy to create a WhatsApp account. Then, you can begin putting strategies into practice, like consultative selling and sharing stories, to engage prospects, weed out unqualified leads, and increase sales.

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