This Holiday Season, Here Are 3 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

This Holiday Season, Here Are 3 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

The holiday season is just about a month away, so now is the time to start marketing and advertising your products or services. With the majority of customers beginning their purchasing trip online by looking for gift ideas, digital platforms such as your website, Google search results, and social media channels like Instagram and YouTube are the most efficient digital methods to reach your target audience.

You may successfully promote your promos and achieve great results this holiday season by implementing SEO strategies such as SEO Vancouver and social media marketing! These methods are useful in a variety of sectors and enterprises, including storage units in Burnaby. Here are three digital marketing suggestions to get you started.

1. Develop a Generic Promotions Landing Page

Many internet customers begin their buying experience by using generic shopping queries. For example, many Christmas buyers begin their search with broad terms like "present ideas" or "gifts for men." You may take advantage of this chance by creating a generic landing page with the keyword phrase "gift ideas" or "Christmas gift ideas" in the page title. This will increase your visibility in search results for generic gift idea search inquiries.

2. Create a Local Support Landing Page

Other frequent search phrases used by customers include "support local" and "shop local." As a local business, you may construct a landing page with the phrase "Shop Local" in the page title and display locally made items on the website. For example, if you own a local used book store in Vancouver and sell locally manufactured items such as cards or bookmarks, you may set up a Shop Local Vancouver and BC website to showcase your products made in Vancouver or BC.

3. Add Promotional Products to Your Google Business Profile Listing

You may show items and associated information, such as descriptions and pricing, within your Google Business Profile.

Go to your Google Business Profile account and pick your business to add items. Choose Edit goods. Then, select Get Started. Once your product has been chosen, you may enter its price, picture, description, and other details. You may add individual goods to your Google Business Profile product catalog if you wish to promote them. Using this marketing strategy to promote your products or services to existing clients and those who are interested in what you have to offer is critical because your Google Business Profile only appears when a user searches for your brand name or a product or service that is highly relevant to your business, which is why Google displays your GPB in search results.

Remember to return the product prices to their regular levels once the offer has ended!

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