5 Link Building Strategies to Pay Attention to in 2023

5 Link Building Strategies to Pay Attention to in 2023

If we want to boost a website's ranks organically, link building is vital. Instead of guessing "the next big thing," I'm going to offer you the top five link building tactics that are now effective and will be much more effective in 2023.

Here are the top five strategies:

  • Internal hyperlinks
  • Mentions and citations
  • Jacking in 2023.
  • Commenting on a blog.
  • Blogging as a guest

So let's get this party started.

Internal Hyperlinks

Internal links are the most effective link-building strategy. Well-known websites are already employing this strategy (e.g., Wikipedia has strong internal links and Wikipedia pages are in top positions for most of the generic terms).

What Are Internal Links and Why Do They Matter?

Internal links carry you from one page of the website to another.

The first link in the above image is an internal link (a connection from one page to another within the website), and the second is an external link (i.e., a link to a page on a different domain). It directs you to the Unsplash picture credit page. Internal connections are vital for your website for four main reasons:

  • Internal links assist people in navigating a website.
  • Internal links help search engines rank higher by spreading link juice.
  • Through call-to-action anchor messages, internal linking increases page visits and enhances usability.
  • Smart internal linking allows search engine bots to effortlessly browse and index the website's deeper pages.


Brand mentions and citations

We are all aware that establishing local citations is an important step toward ranking better in search results. Furthermore, we are all aware of how time-consuming it may be to design them manually.

Local citations are made up of the three phrases "name, address, and phone number."

The Advantages of Local Citations

When it comes to local SEO rankings, there are several advantages to having local company citations:


  1. Local listings have the potential to appear on the first page of local search results.
  2. Local listings provide quality leads and aid in the improvement of your rankings.
  3. Local listings assist you in outperforming your local competitors.
  4. Local listings assist you in increasing your presence in important local search results.
  5. Local listings drive more traffic to your business.
  6. You may quickly acquire new clients using local citations.

You may uncover local reference sources by visiting this thorough list of 160+ company listing sites with strong domain authority (DA).


You may also use the following commands to locate city-specific and keyword-specific citation sources:

Citations for specific cities

• Local business listings

• Business Directory (City)

• (city) business directory

Citations based on keywords:

• (keyword) company listings

• business directory (keyword)

• a directory of keywords

Mentions of the brand


Mentions of the brand are the future of link building, and they occur when someone recommends your product or service to others on his or her blog or website.


"Google has made it apparent that being referenced by others is the only way to correctly execute SEO."


Go to Neil Patel's well-written essay, "How to Increase Your Rankings by Building Brand Mentions."

Jacking in 2023

Users typically like to read the most recent, updated content, so including the current year or other call-to-action phrases in your title might increase your chances of appearing on the first page of search engine results.

Assume we have two entries with the titles

"4 link building strategies to focus on in 2022" and

"4 link building strategies to focus on in 2023."

It is apparent that the customer would pick the four link building strategies to concentrate on in 2018.
Add the following words (call to action terms) to your article title, and don't forget to include "2018" as well: Top | Discover | Free | Get | Try | Best | Fastest | Newest | Oldest | Most Expensive | Easiest | Unbelievable |

Commenting on a Blog

There are several methods for establishing linkages. In reality, one of the simplest methods, while involving some time, is to develop links from blog comments.

To identify high-quality blogs, use the following sophisticated Google operators:


• "Add a new comment" + "insert your keyword here"
"Post a comment" + "your keyword here"

• "Leave a reply" + "your keyword here"

• "Leave a comment" + "your keyword here" "Add a remark"
• "Enter your term here"

• "Leave a comment here"

• "Insert your keyword here" "Leave a remark"
"Powered by WordPress" plus "your keyword here"; "You may use the following HTML elements and properties."
• "Insert your keyword here." "Leave a remark"

• "Notify me of subsequent comments"

• "Insert your keyword here" "Please notify me of new postings."
• "Observations on this entry:"
• "Please sign in to leave a comment on this entry."
• "To post comments, please login or register."
• "To leave comments, you must be registered and signed in."
• "This blog makes use of premium CommentLuv."
• "Add a new comment" + "insert your keyword here"

If you want to learn more about how to conduct blog comments correctly, check out this post: 11 Effective Link Building Techniques to Increase Engagement

Links in blog comments are really powerful. Some of the advantages of blog commenting are as follows:


  • Some blogs have a high domain authority (DA) score, which contributes to your search engine ranking.
  • Even if a blog backlink is no-follow, your website will still be noticed and indexed by search engines, and making blog comments on a regular basis will boost exposure, create trust, and build connections with bloggers.

Blogging as a guest

Guest blogging is one of the most effective strategies to increase quality visitors, create brand awareness, and gain visibility for your website.

I routinely propose guest blogs on popular sites such as SEMrush, Advanced Web Ranking, Dzone, TemplateMonster, Upwork, SiteProNews, and Your Story, among others.

In reality, from each of these sites, I receive a personalized author biography as well as backlinks to my website.

The five genuine benefits of guest blogging are as follows:

1. You will acquire natural backlinks from high-authority sites, which will not harm your website or blog.

2. Guest blogging is a significant and crucial source of quality traffic and exposure.

3. Ties are extremely crucial in digital marketing, and guest blogging allows you to develop strong relationships with your target audience.

4. Guest blogging on prominent sites such as SEMrush and TemplateMonster allows you to reach a larger audience.

5. It assists you in identifying new business prospects.

The most important factors to consider while guest blogging

  1. Spend no time on websites with poor domain authority (DA).
  2. Always look for a website with a high social follower/following ratio.
    The following are 180 websites that welcome guest articles:

Conclusion: Link building is essential for every SEO effort, and happily, there are still a few link-building tactics that work in 2023.

I am confident that if implemented correctly, these methods will put you ahead of your opponents.

What is your experience with these approaches? How has it aided your SEO efforts? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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