4 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Phone Battery

4 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Phone Battery

Taking care of your phone's battery is less complicated and expensive than replacing a phone's lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, caring for your battery and extending the life of your phone battery is beneficial to our global ecology. After all, lithium batteries contribute significantly to e-waste. When exhausted batteries are discarded, they wind up in landfills, where they degrade and leak. When batteries deteriorate, the chemicals in the batteries pollute groundwater and surface water. When we load our ecosystems with battery chemicals, we harm countless aquatic plants and animals.

Use these steps to avoid adding extra battery trash to landfills and harming our environment while saving money by not having to replace your phone battery at a local phone repair business like phone repair Burnaby, phone repair Surrey, or phone repair Calgary, or by mail-in phone repair!

1. Do not expose yourself to excessive cold or heat.

Avoid storing your phone in very hot or cold temperatures. If you leave your phone in an exceptionally hot or cold location, the climate might strain the battery and reduce its longevity. You should avoid leaving your phone in areas like your car since it may become extremely hot during the summer or when it's light outside and terribly cold when it's snowing or during the winter.

2. Avoid quick charging.

Rapidly charging your phone places strain on the battery, reducing its longevity. Slow charging is suggested to extend the life of your phone's battery. You may, for example, charge your phone using your computer or some smart outlets. Charging your phone using these outlets reduces the current that enters your phone, slowing the charge pace. This usually relates to older phone models, whereas newer phone models handle rapid charging better.

3. Avoid completely draining or charging your phone's battery to 100%.

"Battery memory" was a feature of older models of rechargeable batteries. This implies that if you don't charge these batteries to full capacity and then discharge them to zero, they'll "remember" and lower their usable range. This rechargeable battery type has a longer lifespan if it is constantly fully charged and then totally discharged.

Newer phone batteries function differently. Batteries experience stress when they are depleted or fully charged. Phone batteries perform best when they are over 20% capacity and less than 90% full. The battery capacity should be approximately 50% for best performance.

To extend the life of your phone battery, charge it to about 50% to 90% capacity and then stop charging. When the battery capacity hits 20%, you can charge it. Furthermore, as previously noted, delayed charging may be used to increase the life of your phone's battery.

4. Fully charge your phone for long-term storage.

As previously stated, the best charge for a lithium ion battery is roughly 50%. If you want to keep your phone for a lengthy period of time, charge it to 50% before shutting it off and storing it. This strategy is better for the battery than charging it to 100% or draining it to 0% before storing it.

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