A drip campaign: what is it? Examples, Types, and Definition

A drip campaign what is it Examples, Types, and Definition

Over the years, automated email marketing (drip campaigns) has had an impact on the internet marketing landscape. But owing to unfounded assertions that it doesn't increase conversion, marketers have started to question its effectiveness in recent years.

Well, automated programs wouldn't be successful without the proper email marketing and sales prospecting. Therefore, you may want to evaluate your sales funnel and make sure your inbound and outbound marketing tactics are in line if you're seeing poor sign-up with automated email campaigns.

Within the realm of internet marketing, drip tactics remain powerful. Instead, they are paving the way for expert marketers to succeed. Let's examine what a drip campaign comprises to better understand.

A drip campaign: what is it?

Emails delivered to email subscribers at a specific moment or over some time are called "drip campaigns. It might be a certain number of emails sent in a row (once, twice, or three times), or it could happen gradually over time (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly).

What makes Drip Campaign such a powerful marketing tool? They run automatically. Therefore, you do not need to manually produce new email content every day and send it out. Additionally, the timing must be precise.

At some point, keeping up with this procedure might become daunting. Drip campaigns, therefore, present a strategy where the material is created for a particular campaign, a "send" time is selected, and automation handles the rest.

You may integrate your drip campaigns with your social media and website marketing. Drip campaigns don't just apply to emails. It fulfils a crucial function by automatically reaching your audience with the appropriate material at the appropriate moment. Source

What Are the Benefits of a Drip Campaign?

Drip programs immediately help every online business owner in at least two ways:

First of all, every entrepreneur needs time. They stand to benefit from the automation offered by drip programs. How? Thanks to automation, sellers can provide fresh, engaging content. This saves time since you can produce material once and have it work for everyone, rather than spending time making several variations of the same thing.

Second, you may reach your audience with the appropriate material at the appropriate time by using drip campaign techniques.

Acing a drip campaign will result in significant ROI for your company. It's best to be familiar with the many sorts of drip campaigns before you start creating them. As a result, you will have a better understanding of what suits each goal of your campaign as a result.

Drip Campaign Types (With Examples)

You must be in constant contact with your clients from the moment they visit your website until they make their final transaction.

Continuous lines of contact show how much value you're prepared to provide to your leads by assisting them in meeting their needs.

Greeting Campaign

Every time a new member registers for your emails and notifications, there is a welcome celebration. Therefore, you should send them a warm welcome email right away. This acts as the initial stage in onboarding your potential clients and allows you the opportunity to discuss your company, what you have to offer, and what sets you apart from your rivals. Maintain a clear, straightforward tone throughout, and be sure to provide links to pertinent landing pages to increase traffic to your website.

Your potential client looks forward to receiving this communication. So, delivering it late will give the impression that your company is uninformed or negligent, which is quite off-putting to potential consumers. Compared to other promotional emails, welcome emails have a four-times higher open rate and a five-times higher conversion rate. One of the reasons is that welcome emails often include alluring incentives, such as discounts, a risk-free trial period, and informative details about the company and its rules.

This welcome email from Winc Wine checks off the majority of the criteria for an effective welcome email: A straightforward "welcome to Winc," some quick facts about it that clients should be aware of, instructions on how to use their service, and a decent discount offer.

Retargeting Initiative

Have you ever viewed a website and then afterwards seen advertisements for its products? You most likely have been targeted.

Using retargeting, you may turn leads into consumers depending on their online behaviour on your website. You may send your website visitors personalized emails thanks to retargeting. It needs to concentrate not only on cart abandonment—a drip campaign exists for that—but also on visitors to your website who left before completing signup, declined to make a purchase, or merely browsed it.

Retargeting efforts should concentrate on clients who, in light of their online behaviour, you believe merit a follow-up.

Forever 21 uses this illustration to illustrate how to spice up your prior purchase with something fresh by showing items that are comparable to those people have already bought or seen in advance.

Retargeting aids in bringing back clients who may have become distracted and abandoned their online activities.

The Cart Abandonment Campaign

Cart abandonments are one of the drawbacks that afflict e-commerce. Customers peruse your website, choose the appropriate things, and then disappear without reviewing their shopping baskets.

This presents you with the opportunity to execute a drip campaign on these clients, utilizing rewards to tempt them back to their abandoned carts.

If clients add products to carts but don't complete the transaction, send them a follow-up email. Remind them of your items' advantages and the reasons they should finish the transaction. A tempting enticement can be free shipping or a discount. Anything to get them to return and finish the transaction.

In this instance, they accept instalment payments, provide free delivery, and back each item with a 365-day warranty. awesome, no?

After-Purchase Promotion

Your customers' online journey is crucial at every point. even following checkout. The goal of a drip campaign is to maintain positive business relationships with your current clients in addition to increasing sales and engagement.

If you follow up with a consumer who has recently made a purchase, it will affect whether they come back. 

The post-purchase campaign is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your consumers and raise the likelihood that they'll make further purchases in the future. 

Brand loyalty is the primary determinant of client retention, and the primary means of fostering loyalty is through regular communication. Customers see you less negatively when you send them post-purchase emails because you establish your credibility. 

You might promote attractive discounts for recurring orders in your emails. Additionally, you have the ability to use cross-selling to present fresh, relevant items. For instance, you may provide a consumer who just bought a phone with attractive discounts on phone covers. 

Above all, don't forget to request evaluations and comments from your clients on your goods and services. It gives them the impression that you value and are interested in their viewpoints. Every time, the consumer is correct. 

This Food52 sample includes links for referral bonuses, parcel tracking, and all of their social media accounts. 

Unsubscribe Initiative 

We understand that no matter how often you tweak and redesign your drip or marketing efforts, some clients will remain unsatisfied. You are not to blame. Some clients could decide to clean out their inboxes since they are no longer interested in your goods and services. But this could not be the sole explanation. 

No ill will exists. 

An unsubscribe campaign is a drip campaign format that can be used for this objective. It indicates the cause of the customer's desire to leave as well as what you most likely weren't performing correctly. 

Your drip programs' open and conversion rates may be discovered using analytics. This shows whether your intended audience reads your emails on a regular basis. Observing a cue, such as the one presented in this unsubscribe email example, tells you whom you should follow up with. 

Are You Prepared For Your First Drip Campaign? 

With drip marketing, you can automate your marketing campaigns and concentrate on the customers who are most likely to respond. It's wonderful for converting more leads and is less spooky than it sounds. 

However, setting up a successful drip campaign involves planning, just like doing anything new. Make sure you have a capable author, a talented graphic designer, and email marketing software at your side before you go headfirst into the realm of email automation. Good fortune!

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