4 Local SEO Tips for Your Self-Storage Business

4 Local SEO Tips for Your Self-Storage Business

Using local SEO strategies such as Ottawa SEO or Vancouver SEO will help your self-storage improve your search rankings and gain more online visibility in Google search results. Increased search rankings and online visibility will help your self-storage business generate more leads and customer.

To help your self-storage facility such as storage Victoria or self-storage Burnaby improve its local search rankings you can use these tips.

1. Improve website pagespeed

Have a clean and easy-to-navigate website. Make sure it's immediately clear to your visitors who you are and what you offer.

Use lots of headings to improve readability and put keywords in the headings. Titles that stand out in search engines will help you rank higher.

Site speed is also important for SEO. The last thing you want to do is to annoy your visitors with a slow website.

Lastly you need to make sure your website is optimized for mobile platforms. Search engines now penalize sites that are not easily displayed on smartphones.

2. Earn backlinks

The more sites with links to your site the higher your ranking in search. Ask the owner of the site in question to provide a link to your site. Provide a link to them in exchange for a link to you.

Focus on the quality of your links. A single link to your site from a chamber of commerce or university website will get you a dozen links from obscure blogs.

3. Optimize your on-page content

When it comes to on-page SEO targeting the right keywords is a breeze. There's no better way to clearly state your page's niche than with the right keywords and content in the right places. It will eventually be the driving force behind greater traffic.

But some people like to reuse the same keywords (which is also tempting). This approach still doesn't help much in the long run. Why? Because search engines are becoming more effective at identifying user intent behind searches and understanding natural language.

So here's what you can do: write your page content from the user's point of view. Think about the reasons people might want to rent out storage units. Maybe mention beneficial features of your service such as climate control and safety features and have a dedicated FAQ section. Having said that you need to make sure to include core keywords in certain areas - namely in page text title tags and title tags.

4. Optimize each storage facility page

Most storage companies have dedicated pages for each location on their websites and yours should too. These are the pages you want to rank higher in the SERPs. If you want to make these pages more relevant to the searcher's query include the following thing:

. Local content: Don't shy away from including some description about your storage facility and its relationship to the local city or town.
NAP: NAP is your business name address and phone number. Adding these details will greatly enhance your local SEO because search engines love business details like this.
Maps and directions: While including directions on how to get to your facility is helpful for many users maps can also provide some locally relevant content.

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