Why you shouldn't use WordPress for an e-commerce site (and what are the alternatives)

Why you shouldn't use WordPress for an e-commerce site (and what are the alternatives)

There are over 30 million stay websites powered through WordPress, that is 41% of all websites that use CMS.

WordPress is surely the maximum famous platform withinside the world. It has been created through bloggers and for bloggers, so that you are in all likelihood wondering: “Is WordPress right for eCommerce?”, and rightfully so. It has many critical flaws. Read directly to study greater approximately which platform to pick out for your commercial enterprise.

Why WordPress is So Popular

Let’s begin by studying a piece greater approximately WordPress and why it's so famous.

WP doesn’t require a widespread investment. It is an open-supply software program, which means that it's far unfastened for anybody to use. It has a trustworthy set-up technique and a clean interface that lets a person with 0 revels in to fast discover ways to use the CMS. Due to the recognition of the platform, quite a few unfastened tutorials are answering genuinely each query approximately the platform you could have. There is likewise a huge pool of WordPress experts that let you for a distinctly small rate.

There is an entire atmosphere around WP ‒ many template layout alternatives and plugins to make bigger capability. You get the influence that you may make something out of the WP platform. 

Can WordPress be used for eCommerce? There is a WooCommerce plugin that you may use to create an internet shop with WordPress. At the moment, a maximum of the eCommerce websites run in this plugin.

This plugin can flip a weblog CMS right into a fully-fledged online shop. It can similarly be upgraded with extensions that upload even greater capabilities to your internet site. Sounds perfect, proper? But what's the catch?

Disadvantages of WordPress

Even eleven though it has many advantages, WordPress has quite a few susceptible factors which you need to bear in mind: 

. Not meant for eCommerce – WP is a weblog CMS. That’s why it lacks a few essential eCommerce capabilities. The WooCommerce plugin is a workaround for this problem, however, it has obstacles which you won’t have with a specialised eCommerce platform or custom-constructed internet site.
. Poor protection – Is WordPress secure for eCommerce? Not really. According to the Sucuri report, over 90% of inflamed websites with CMSs are constructed on WordPress. Due to its reputation and accessibility, WordPress is attractive to hackers. They find out vulnerabilities (specifically amongst previous versions) and assault numerous websites at once. Additionally, now no longer all subject matters and plugins are trustworthy. They are vulnerable to infection, too.

. Limited patron guide – Both WordPress and WooCommerce are open-supply and unfastened, so there may be no paid guide group ‒ simplest the network of customers and contributors. 

. Low web page velocity – There are lots of motives for internet site velocity problems: subject matters, plugins, WordPress configuration, outside scripts, etc. As a result, now no longer simplest do customers grow to be hating your internet site, however, additionally, Google won’t rank you.

. Unreliability – When the use WordPress you won’t be capable of passing without plugins due to the fact it's far the simplest manner to feature new capabilities. Furthermore, plugins are created through unbiased builders without strict fine standards, so you want to be cautious while deciding on them. Website upkeep can turn out to be a nightmare due to the fact a few plugins aren't well suited with every different which reason for bugs. 

What Other Options Do You Have? 

Luckily, you've got got a myriad of worth options. You can pick out from specialised off-the-shelf answers or expand an internet site from scratch. Let’s discover your alternatives.

Proprietary eCommerce Platforms 

Proprietary structures are CMS answers made in particular for eCommerce. This form of software program isn't the same as open-supply in that you need to buy it from a dealer as a SaaS or license. This guarantees that it'll now no longer be a smooth goal for folks that need to make the most of their vulnerabilities. In addition, because you pay for this form of software program, the seller may be chargeable for fines and protection standards, and patron guide. 

Of all of the options for WP, Shopify is a long way from the maximum famous due to its appealing cost-advantage ratio.

When comparing “WordPress vs Shopify for eCommerce” the latter wins the maximum of the time due to the subsequent:

. It’s a SaaS platform and for a month-to-month rate beginning at $29, it affords all of the capability, together with hosting, so that you don’t want to fear approximately it.
. It is designed particularly for trade and gives elegant subject matters to customise an internet shop. 
. It has a dependable 24/7 patron guide so that you won’t be left on your own together along with your problem.
. It is person-pleasant and smooth to install which makes it awesome for small corporations and startups.
. The platform has integrated equipment and auto-created sitemaps for search engine marketing.
. It affords customers insights on commercial enterprise overall performance and analytics of virtual advertising campaigns.
. Crucially, Shopify has a better degree of protection because it hires specialists to reveal the machine and troubles well-timed updates.
. Offers a couple of fee vendors to deal with distinctive customers’ wishes. 
. Additionally, it has speedy web page velocity, so you don’t should fear approximately usability and search engine marketing troubles linked to gradual websites. 
. Shopify is likewise scalable, so in case your income all of sudden develops your online shop won’t crash, you’ll simply improve your pricing plan. 

Custom Development

If you've got particular necessities that ready-made answers don’t provide, it's far higher to construct a custom internet site. Custom improvement is the proper preference in case you require specific capabilities or more protection, otherwise, you anticipate an inflow of site visitors or income. Custom websites have the subsequent advantages:

1. Better person revel in due to the fact it’s tailor-made in your TA

2. Increased emblem publicity via awesome layout

3. Unique capability tailor-made precisely to your wishes

4. Flexibility to extrude and upload new capabilities

5. Any form of integrations with third-birthday birthday celebration structures or legacy bespoke software program

6. Can have the last degree of protection as simplest you and your group have to get admission to to the code

7.High loading velocity because the internet site is optimized in your wishes and there aren't any any useless capabilities

Naturally, custom improvement additionally has its hazards. It takes months to construct a unique internet site and is a good deal greater luxurious than out-off-the-field answers. So you want to bear in mind the prices and blessings on your commercial enterprise.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is an effective and famous device that many humans use to create websites and online stores. But notwithstanding its reputation, this platform lacks a few essential traits like web page velocity and protection among others. WordPress hazards suggest it might be now no longer the high-satisfactory preference on your online commercial enterprise.

Among favoured options are proprietary structures, like Shopify, which give paid providers with several perks. Another preference is custom improvement wherein an internet site is constructed in keeping with your non-public necessities. Depending on your desires and finances you may discover a worthy choice this is secure and functional.

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